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A 6 month Sisterhood Journey for women driven to discover, own and live their life with Moxie!

This program begins Thursday, November 2nd. Register today!

What is the ‘Unleash Your Moxie’ Mastermind?

Read on!

The ‘Unleash Your Moxie’ Mastermind is a 6-month group coaching program for women who are ready to discover and rediscover areas of their lives, their dreams, goals and parts of themselves that have been held back and even forgotten. For women who are ready to take on life and find what all they are capable of.

We Moxie women are unique. We are strong, yet our hearts are greatly affected by our world and the actions and needs of others. We are dedicated to caring for our families, yet push aside our own care. We desire to live our purpose, yet stand in our own way with fears and excuses we have developed and even allowed.

Life passes by and then one day you awaken to an internal nudging of your unrealized dreams, missed opportunities, changes in your life and the driving desire to discover something more. You are ready to make changes, but what is it you need to discover or rediscover? How do you know what is next for your life, and what about those fears? Where do you even start? We have so much held-back and unrealized Moxie in so many areas of our lives.

Are you ready to begin the journey of a life lived with greater Moxie? Join us!

This program begins Thursday, November 2nd.

What is Moxie?

The word “Moxie” means something a little different to everyone. It’s your power in each and every area of your life. Maybe you are facing a new season in your life and looking for direction, maybe you just experienced a personal setback or are ready for a reinvention or new excitement in your life, or some encouragement to step-out and take a chance.

We are each born with the Moxie we need for every aspect of who we are meant to be. This is the program to take you from dreaming and perpetual planning, to making it all a reality.

During this 6-month journey, you will identify and design your life to be bigger and with greater Moxie. You will stop feeling limited, and afraid and will gain clarity as you grow the confidence you already have. As you become more empowered, you will see it spill over into all areas of your life impacting your passions and dreams, career, relationships (especially with yourself).

You will journey step by step discovering yourself along the way, and the best part, you will implement what you are learning with a group of like-minded and encouraging Moxie Sisters!

This program begins Thursday, November 2nd.

Why YOU need the Moxie Mastermind

  • Has life changed and it’s time to find out who you are and what is next in your life?
  • Are you ready for more out of your life but unsure where to start?
  • Are you fed up with your status quo enough to make bold change?
  • Do you have unrealized plans but don’t actually follow through, leaving you just plain stuck?
  • Have you always known you were capable of more but held back afraid of what others would think or of failing?

I used to feel like that too!

I can tell you from personal experience that by changing your mindset, you can change the course of your life to one of greater Moxie. Now that I have discovered tools to transform my own life, I’ve found new levels of my own Moxie and it’s brought me to realize my own purpose and I’m on fire to teach you and in less time, with the guidance, support and community you need to help you find the Moxie in your life too.

This is the program I wish was available when I was feeling irrelevant, misunderstood and a bit lost. But I have found my purpose as a Moxie Sister is to use and even leverage what I always held back because I was afraid of what people thought, to change women’s thinking. To help women see themselves and the world with a Moxie point of view!

You will Learn and Discover

  • What Moxie means to you
  • New depths of who you are and your capabilities
  • Find the misalignments that hold you back
  • Rediscover your dreams and revisit forgotten ones
  • Design your Moxie life
  • Recognize and take steps to eliminate the crap that has clogged you from living YOUR life with Moxie
  • Gain clarity of your new direction and purpose in life
  • Ignite your Moxie life to be seen and heard

You are ready for this program if you…

  • Are fed up and ready for a real transformation
  • Are excited about the idea of discovering your Moxie self and ready to own it for a renewed and reignited life
  • Are done with making excuses and not acting on your strengths and capabilities
  • Know you are a bad-ass Moxie Woman at heart and ready to not be afraid to show it
  • Are excited and committed to making serious change
  • You need help putting your plans into action
  • Have read every book and blog to see how others “have done it” and dream of doing it yourself
  • Need accountability and guidance to put the tools into practice

So if you are done with your own complaining and excuses, done waiting and realize it’s all up to you – you are ready to unleash your Moxie! You know that change and transformation takes commitment and you are ready to take your own life into your own hands!

None of us are perfect, and are each a work in progress, but when you dive deep, great things happen and I want great things for you!

This program begins Thursday, November 2nd.

You are in the right place if you are ready for…

  • Improved confidence that comes with Owning and Living your Moxie
  • Tenacity to make plans and changes
  • Acting on all those little nudgings to really kick butt and do big things
  • Clarity of your purpose and direction
  • Freedom to be who you are meant to be
  • Understand your capabilities more deeply
  • Kicking out the lies before they become fears
  • Self acceptance, unapologetically
  • Ready to make Moxie impact on the world!

Time for the Goodies!!

The ‘Unleash Your Moxie’ Mastermind is limited to 8 women and includes:

  • Twelve 90-minute Zoom video group calls (2 per month)
    o Monthly call 1 – will be the curriculum and discussion module, combined with some fun and games.
    o Monthly call 2 – will be for discussion and group coaching support with individualized “hot-seat” help.
  • Recordings of the calls for review.
  • Your Moxie Mastermind downloadable workbook chock full of tools and exercises to implement to bring your Moxie to life.
  • Weekly inspiration and support via email.
  • Daily support on the private Facebook group just for this program.
  • A 45-minute private coaching call with Cheryl 30 days after the conclusion of the program.
  • An accountability buddy to help you practice what you’re learning with a Moxie Sister.
  • And much more along the way!

The Moxie Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into 3 areas. Discovery, Owning and Living. We will spend 2 months in each.

Discovery Month #1

“Your Moxie Foundation”

Begin your Moxie Discovery. You build your foundation with an understanding of where you are now and what changes you want to make. We will talk about our self-identity, doubt, what’s missing, and self-care as well.

Discovery Month #2

“Your Moxie Mindset & Identity”

We continue the Discovery of our Moxie with continued self-discovery and mindset work with greater clarity as to the direction you want to take your life through revisiting previous goals and passions, commitment to change, self awareness, and more.

Owning Month #3

“Acknowledging your Moxie”

Month 3 brings us to the alignment of our values and direction, we will work on risk taking, motivation and momentum to begin taking the steps toward your Moxie dreams.

Owning Month #4

“Being Secure in Your Moxie”

This part of the program we apply what we are learning, understand bigger creative thinking, healthy self-accountability and self acceptance. With these pieces now in place, your journey is moving into applying it to your Moxie life.

Living Month #5

“Securing Your Moxie Life”

You will continue to work toward our plan and vision and what is next. You will learn the impact you will have on others and that responsibility. We will address the external traps that could sabotage us, you begin to see your Moxie characteristics in yourself.

Living Month #6

“Impact of My Moxie Life”

The finale! We discuss the Moxie Woman you’ve become and continue to aspire to, how to keep from backsliding and expand your vision to what’s next. You have seen changes in yourself and have accomplished your steps see who you are NOW! This is you, living your life with Moxie!

Still not sure?

Consider the costs if you DON’T take the step to unleash your bold, Moxie self. You could say ‘no’ and continue to…

  • live your life just as you are right now (ever hear the definition of “insanity”? Doing the same things and expecting different results.)
  • wonder what more you are capable of.
  • keep making those excuses wondering why life isn’t changing.
  • struggle with standing in your own way from reaching for your dreams.
  • feeling irrelevant, unheard and misunderstood.
  • not make much of an impact in your world.
  • let another new year come and go and try (again) to make the changes by yourself.

Need I say more? If you still aren’t sure, ask yourself this: where would I like to be, how do I envision my life one year from now? 3 years from now? If you change nothing, where will you be a year from now… 3 years from now.


You decide!

I am ready - let's do this!

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